Big Weekend at the Carlyle in the Big Apple

The Carlyle Hotel Schiavetto Photography

Fortunate to have a gift certificate for a 2-night stay at the Carlyle hotel in New York City, the last thing I wanted to do was let it expire unused. Historical, iconic, luxurious the Carlyle is a unique New York City property.

Arriving at the Carlyle is magical. The doorman welcomed us as he swept up our luggage then led us into the lobby. The contrast between the bright white high ceilings and the black marble floors creates a visual treat. As your eye is peers around the room the bright orange florals, the lovely mustard chairs, and the moody oversized art are all part of the charm that draws you in. Greeted with a smile by the front desk personnel, the check-in process took less than a minute and we were expertly guided toward the lobby elevators.

The elevator operators look dashingly smart in their dark uniforms with contrasting gold buttons and white gloves. As the elevator doors open, you are greeted with a warm smile and one question, "Which floor please Miss?" Major points for the Miss by the way. This disappearing service is from another era and is utterly charming.

The timing of the customer service call is impeccable, as we received a call from the lobby the second we walked through the door to our room. The front desk kindly asked if the room was to our liking at the same moment I was taking in the magnificent city view for the first time. Location, location, location, the Dexlue Tower Rooms are delightful. With breathtaking City Views highlighted by an oversized window, a king size bed and full bathroom including a bidet (which I unashamedly enjoyed) there is a large temptation to spend the entire vacation in your room.

In addition to the in-room phone call, we were welcomed to our room with a handwritten note, a bottle of wine and a beautiful box of miniature macaroons. For me, my first priority after a long trip is a shower. After taking in each aspect of our very special welcome to The Carlyle, I headed to the bathroom.

As the state of New York does not have the same drought-conscious water restrictions as the state of California; my shower experience was outer worldly. As a California girl, I'm used to a trickle; the Carlyle provided the best possible version of an indoor waterfall that you could imagine. Although not officially a steam shower, the steam builds as you shower which warms the towel hanging on your in-shower towel rack quite nicely. The Carlye robe and slipper sets are lovely to slip into after your shower.

When we were ready to venture out we headed towards Central Park. The closest entrance to the park is a mere 3 blocks away. I could spend days wandering through Central Park and am always thrilled by the fact the New York City is so walkable.

Upon our return to the hotel, Bemelman's Bar beckoned us to stop in. Bar snacks, light meals as well as cocktails, beer and wine are served at thie Upper East side landmark. Named after Ludwig Bemelman, the creator of Madeline, the well know children's book. The large scale murals throughout the bar that depict scenes from Bemelman's literary works are utterly enchanting.

Suffice to say my 2-night stay at the Carlyle was magical. This was my second experience with this property and I must say, I am really looking forward to my next stay.