Amy and Me Drink Peru Tea

Part Tea Galentines Isari Studio

I have a few very memorable experiences enjoying English high tea. The thoughts of beautiful porcelain cups and saucers, cucumber sandwiches, scones, and steaming hot tea with honey make me smile. As a regular tea drinker, I am familiar with the satisfaction that a hot cup of tea can bring.

When I was invited to a tea and chocolate pairing hosted by Amy of Paru Tea, I really wasn't sure what to expect. I was surprised to discover the Paru Tea pairing experience to be a magical mixture of chemistry and art with a special ceremonial component and Asian influence.

Amy has a passion for what she does which contributes to the overall joy of her brand. If you are fortunate enough to attend one of Amy's live Paru Tea events her voice, her smile and her depth of knowledge will make you fall in love with the ritual of drinking tea.

Amy reminded me that the enjoyment you can find in a teapot can be revitalizing for all 5 senses. With Paru Tea, you will experience the sound of the kettle boiling, the smell of the tea blend as you carefully open the package, the sight of the hot water interacting with the herbs and flowers as the loose tea pieces swirl and dance until they settle, the complex taste of the tea as your brain tries to identify the individual contributors and the comforting sensation that as the hot liquid infuses your body with that warm contented feeling.

Amy has found her passion and is living her authentic life. Her passion for tea drinking is definitely contagious. If you are in the San Diego area, I strongly suggest you explore her website for upcoming tasting events. Paru tea is popping up all over town. They were names best Tea of 2018 by San Diego Magazine. You will find Paru Tea at An's Dry Cleaning Gelato, Pigment and You and Your's Distillery.

Paru Tea offers wholesale services as well including private labeling, custom blends, tea consulting, tea workshops, and corporate gifting.

The Paru Tea subscription is also a lovely way to share Amy's passion. Please feel to use the Promotional Code "Kristy10" to receive 10% off of your first order. With your monthly subscription, you will receive 3 bags of loose tea (yielding 30 cups), a garnish packet and an informational tea guide. Each month's selection will be completely different to allow a new experience with each box.