Marrow Fine

DSC_2251 copy.jpg

I stopped by Marrow Fine recently to capture a few images for this post and this is me channeling my inner Jillian Sassone, Marrow Fine designer, and owner. Jillian often wears a beautifully crafted hat and a bright lip color as she sits across from her clients during an initial consultation.

I've seen her lean in time and time again so that her reflection appears in the mirrored table in her design space. Although it may be subconscious for her, from an observer's standpoint, Jillian's body language during a client consult truly reflects her genuine interest in her client's hopes, fears, and dreams as most of them approach their wedding day.

For those of you who are Harry Potter fans, Jillian is like the "Sorting Hat" of wedding bands. Give her an engagement ring and show her the hand it belongs to and she will design the perfect band combination to perfectly accentuate any ring on any hand.

Although wedding bands gave her a reason to go into business, she started by designing bands for her friends, Jillian's creativity did not allow her to stop there. She also designs earring, necklaces, pendants everyday rings, and statement rings. Visiting her website you will be sure to have a wish list by the time you scroll through her unique collection. Be sure to look for the Marrow Fine limited-run "ButterCup Ring"

Jillian is one of those women who found her gift and is now sharing that gift with others. The passion and joy she feels about her work come through clearly to those who have worked with her. Next up for Jillian and her Marrow Fine team, a retail spot at the highly anticipated One Paseo in Del Mar, California. Scheduled to open March 1, 2019.