Rachel Cohen-Infinite Succulent

Infinite Succulent agate slice 1.jpg

I met Rachael (Rakael) at one of her succulent workshops, we were introduced by a mutual friend. I was instantly captivated by her bright smile, her vibrant personality and her contagious passion for plants. She has a quality to her voice that draws you in, which works well with her love of teaching. During that first class as I listened to Rachel describe her life's mission which is to reconnect and engage others with the natural world, I was intrigued. Rachael uses botanical decor styling, art pieces, and writing along with educational workshops and her newly published book to share her mission.

We've become close friends over the last couple of years. I'd even venture to say that she has become a soul sister. We've walked each other through the joys and challenges of relationships, parenting, and work. We've laughed together and cried together, each shared experience has brought us closer together. It is just really nice to have this bright soul in my corner.

Rachael is such an inspiring creative entrepreneur, take a peek at her website, www.infinitesucculent.com , read some of her inspiring posts on Instagram @infinitesucculent , buy her book "Infinite Succulent-Minature Living Art to Keep or Share" and sign up for one of her upcoming workshops.

Before you know it, like me your mouth will shape itself into a smile and you will and you will breathe a contented sigh every time you see Rachael's living art pieces doing their part to beautifully decorate your home or office. Inviting a bit of the outside into your living space or workspace does wonders for your mood and is guaranteed to lift your spirits.