Mighty Meredith

Don't let her quiet demeanor and soft voice fool you, my friend Meredith is one of the fiercest and determined warriors you will ever meet. She has advocated and fought not only for her health but for the health of her children as well. Through discipline, commitment, research, plain old fashioned persistence, and a little trial and error Meredith has been instrumental in the physical healing of her family through food.

The journey started about four and a half years ago with the discovery of her (oldest) son's sensitivity to wheat and corn. He had been dealing with severe symptoms which kept him in the bathroom for up to an hour at a time, multiple times per day. A correct and accurate diagnosis can be so instrumental in achieving health and wellness.

With the knowledge of her son's dietary sensitivities, Meredith threw herself into the daunting task of changing the family's diet. Every ingredient added to each meal Meredith prepares and serves to her family is thoroughly researched.

As those of you who spend any amount of time in the kitchen know, regularly preparing meals for a family is a considerable task. On top of planning, shopping, prepping, cooking and cleaning, consider researching every ingredient and avoiding all corn and wheat. Meredith threw herself into adopting a Paleo diet for her family which is 100% grain free. Within days, Meredith's son's symptoms improved.

Two summers ago, Meredith decided to incorporate oats, rice, and legumes back into the family's diet. Although she did not realize it at the time as hindsight is always 20/20, the addition of these items into her family's diet had adverse effects for her health.

Around the same time, Meredith was diagnosed with two autoimmune conditions, Rheumatoid Arthritis and CREST as well as worsening Endometriosis. The health crisis Meredith experienced was debilitating and heartbreaking in the sense that she yearned for a third pregnancy however the ablation procedure prescribed for her endometriosis diagnosis left her unable to have additional children.

Without a doubt, western medicine is a tool we are very fortunate to have access to, but we have to remember that we have other alternative health care and treatment options at our disposal as well. So if you are experiencing a health crisis, be do your research, be tenacious, get multiple medical opinions before you commit to a course of treatment.

For Meredith, removing the added items from her family's diet once again has completely restored Meredith's health. She is currently medication and symptom-free.

What we put into our bodies plays such a large part in our health. Visit Meredith's Instagram account @meredithwhitegarner to learn more about the dietary lifestyle changes she adopted for her family and be inspired to try some of the recipes she shares.