Sekala: A conscious world starts with a conscious body.

Sekala 4 Moons Herbal Compress

My massage with Alex began with a Thai prayer through which the intention for the hour was set to rid my body of aches, pain, and disease as well as to welcome happiness and wellness. I felt this set of intentions behind every massage stroke as Alex worked to deliver my "Herbal Compress Massage" for the next hour.

Sekala, her brand name is a Balinese phrase meaning "conscious world". Alex believes that a conscious world starts with a conscious body which is why we need to be aware of everything we do to and for our bodies.

Alex is an inspirational go-getter with seemingly boundless energy and inspiration. Alex studied at the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in San Diego. After graduation, she spent time studying and exploring Shanghai (China), Chiang Mai (Thailand), and Badung (Indonesia).

While in Thailand, Alex earned a Thai Massage diploma from the Thai Ministry. While in Indonesia, Alex worked as an apprentice for a local medicine woman who taught her how to harvest herbs and use them in herbal compresses. Sustainability is very important to Alex. She sources all of her Tumeric and Galangal through her mentor in Indonesia. The rest of the herbs used in Alex's products are sourced through small companies in the US.

Alex has created a line of products used during all of her treatments. The base oil she uses during her massage treatments is comprised of a mixture of fractionated coconut oil and pure virgin coconut oil. To the base, she adds an aromatic oil infused with various herbs and recipes from Thailand, Indonesia, and Thailand to ensure each client receives a custom treatment based on their needs. In my case, she used the Soothe blend which is made with Calendula Oil.

In addition, Alex applied her handmade herbal compress balls. The herb compresses are a blend of dried herbs including turmeric, and galangal the compresses are then steamed and rubbed onto the skin during the treatment. The effect is similar to hot stones but with the incorporation of aromatherapy. A delight everyone should experience at least once.

In addition to using her customized product line, she travels with both a compress warmer and a heated Vulsini case. The Vulsini case, in particular, allows Alex to incorporate all of the elements of a luxury spa experience in the comfort and privacy of your own home. Again, even with her choice of equipment, Alex keeps Mother Earth in mind. Her heated case does not use water. Thus, the Vulsini case it saves 12 quarts of water per treatment on average.

Alex offers a Sekala membership, meaning you can bundle multiple services and receive a discount in doing so. With your membership, you are also entitled to choose from the list of enhancements offered with each of her treatments. The list includes you can choose from range from CBD oil, 24k gold treatments, vegan under eye collagen patches, foot scrubs and hair masks.

So for a truly personalized, 100 percent custom spa service in the comfort of your own home, click on the link to Sekala Massage and schedule your treatment today.