With Live Floral, Create Wearable Art

Flora Aura Designs

Meet Lindsy Richards, the owner and founder of Flora Aura Designs. Fueled by a love for art and foraging in nature, Lindsy unknowingly started her business when she began creating headpiece art for herself using natural elements she had found outdoors. With a lot of trial and error, Lindsy tried different ways of attaching her scavenged, living treasures to her head to wear and enjoy them. One day, she used the knowledge had gathered to design a tool which would open the art of floral crown making to people of all ages and any level of artistic ability.

Halo, Cuff, or Crown? These are three designs currently available for purchase although stay tuned, there are additional designs in development. Each design is meant to allow for simple assembly and endless possibilities. As the halo, cuff, and crown were designed to be reusable, you can create your favorite designs over and over or come up with new creations each time you design. 

Are you gaga for roses or a sucker for succulents? Are you drawn to structure or freedom?  Is your taste minimalistic or excessive? Do you prefer formal or casual? Do you like foraged florals or store bought? The Flora Aura Designs allow you to create any headpiece you can dream up. They also great to have on hand as gifts for any occasion. Please visit the Flora Aura Designs Website to shop these adorable pieces.