Snip-Snip an appointment with Debbie Ballow

Debbie Ballow has been my trusted friend and hair stylist for almost a decade. She has walked me through the heartache of divorce and has celebrated many new beginnings with me including the birth of my third child. Debbie is quiet, reserved and focused most of the time, but occasionally she will surprise me by sharing some scandalous celebrity gossip,  teaching me a new beauty tip or sharing a very personal life story.

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Debbie is generous and kind; she is hardworking and extraordinarily creative. Continuing education is essential to Debbie. Therefore, she is always up to date on the current trends, techniques, and products for cutting and coloring hair. I trust her implicitly with my hair, and we have had a great adventure. We have gone long, we have gone short, we have gone dark, we have gone light. Every time I leave Debbie's chair I feel my best.

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I've referred many friends to Debbie over the years, and every single one has become a regular client. As a result of how amazing she is, you won't be able to book a next day appointment meaning; there can be a bit of a wait if you decide to book with her but trust me, she is worth the wait.

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I am so fortunate to be surrounded by so many empowered, self-reliant women striving to follow their passions and perfect their crafts.  Debbie is one of these women. So even though continuing to refer Debbie clients may make it increasingly difficult for me to get an appointment with her, I think it is fair to let everyone know she my secret to having great hair.