Going Pink With Plaza Hair Salon

When Mai the owner of Plaza Hair Salon offered my oldest daughter an opportunity to change her look, Eva started to research what she might want to try. After consulting with Mai, Eva decided to start with a blonde balayage. 

Balayage is a trending hair coloring technique that allows the hair stylist to paint the highlights onto the hair. Balayage is a French word that translated into English means to "Paint or Sweep." This freestyle technique makes room for a lot of creativity and customization.

Blonde Balayage Eva

Choosing to have only the bottom half of her hair lightened, leaving it naturally colored around her face allowed a less drastic but still noticeable change. Applying the blonde balayage technique to the ends of her hair gave her the sun-kissed summer look. Once Mai was happy with the blonde, she conservatively added a small amount of pink and purple from the Affinage Metallic Hair Color Collection to the newly lightened hair.

Affinage Metallic Hair Collection

After a few washes and some trips to the pool, the pink and purple faded leaving Eva the sun-kissed balayage which she and I both like.

Eva enjoyed the sun-kissed blond for several weeks then decided she wanted to play with a bolder color. She selected the hot-pink VIRAL Color Wash Shampoo available on Amazon. The shampoo is temporary and fades after a few washes if not reapplied. This product is quick, cost-effective and allows you to be creative in changing your hair color without stripping or damaging your hair. This product is highly efficient but can be messy; I would suggest applying over a sink or small area to keep any color droplets limited to a small area for easy cleanup.

We are so grateful to Mai and her team of stylists from Plaza Hair Salon for making the pink hair dream of a pre-teen come true while at the same time keeping me happy in choosing a changing color option that gives Eva the opportunity for frequent change without damaging her hair.