A little Zen can help you breath again

ICNBuys Zen Garden 1

When given a chance to own an ICNBuys Zen Garden, I jumped at the opportunity. The word Zen represents a Buddist concept emphasizing the value of gaining intuition through meditation. In my mind, a "Zen Garden" should be synonymous with relaxation. 

Our ICNBuys Zen Garden has provided hours of creative play for the whole family. The set comes with either a circular or rectangular container, three natural finish rakes, a collection of accessories and of course a bag of sand.

ICNBuys Zen Garden 2

For me, the set is a stress reliever, and it allows me to let my creativity flow. Comparable to doodling, you can rake the sand or let it pour through your hand and let your mind wander.  The kids enjoy creating patterns, placing the accessories then smoothing out the sand and starting again. Much like playing with building blocks, they design, build, clear the slate and start the process again.

ICNBuys Zen Garden 3

We are having a fantastic time with our ICNBuys Zen Garden; if you'd like to order one for your home, you can search ICNBuys Zen Garden on www.amazon.com or click on this link to select the set that would best suit your home.