Oh My Lord, Look At My JORD

JORD Wood Watch

The creators of the JORD watch believe that moments are bigger than minutes and that your watch should tell more than time.

With this idea in mind, they created their unique wood watches. Each wood timepiece is carefully hand-crafted from sustainable materials. I think most of us would agree; there is something about wood that is so grounding, so beautiful and so comforting. The beauty of the grain, the variety of natural colors, the story and lingering energy of each tree, are all factors that make this material so unique.

The wood used to create these unique watches comes from a variety of trees from around the world including the Acacia with its rich, bronze tones, and the Ebony with a natural glossy sheen.  JORD also features the Golden Camphor, the often dark red Kossa, the uniformly textured Maple, the light colored Olive decorated with natural dark streaks, the Purpleheart, the Rosewood, the Sandalwood, the often chocolate brown Walnut,  and the Zebrawood named for its striking grain contrast. The JORD website features information about each tree and explains in detail how all of the materials used in creating each JORD watch are sustainable and therefore harvested and handled with great care for nature and our Earth's environment. 

When given my choice, I chose the Hyde series in Walnut and Black. I was attracted to the color and grain on the band as well as to the aesthetic of the simple, oversized face. 

Which JORD design do you most admire? To make your JORD even more special, explore the option of custom engraving and make sure you provide your wrist measurement so that your wristband can be custom sized before shipping.

So take a peek at either the women's collection at www.woodwatches.com or the men's collection and let me know your favorite model and color in the comments below.