What is "Pranzo Pop Up"?

Pranzo Pop Up Jora and Phoebe 2018

Meet Pheobe and Jora, the incredible duo behind "Pranzo Pop Up". Pranzo is the Italian word for lunch and Pop Up describes their business concept. The first Thursday and Friday of every month, the Pranzo Pop Up team hosts a leisurely luncheon for 10 lucky ladies. The sole purpose of the event is to create a space for their guests to enjoy a multiple course gourmet meal while enjoying a time of uninterrupted conversations with friends, family, and women they have just met.

The Pranzo Pop Up concept is my dream event. I've spent the last 2 years making a hobby out of networking and connecting with local entrepreneurs. I am so inspired by women who find what they were meant to do and pursue their dream jobs while juggling the other everyday responsibilities of life.

For those of you who don't know, I spend a couple years as a child and I hold that time dear to my heart and feel like that time was the most precious experience my parents gifted me with as a child. Living in a small village in Alsace, France, learning the language, going to the French elementary school a block from our home, and traveling to different countries every weekend in a VW bug with my parents, two siblings and two grandmothers was memorable.

Part of my European experience was enjoying long leisurely meals with friends. The host spent hours and poured their heart into creating a beautiful meal while the guests enjoyed the wonderful things coming out of the kitchen and the hours of conversation that lead to building friendship and sustaining relationships.

The concept of stopping to set aside all of life's responsibilities to enjoy quality time and a delicious meal is so powerful. Due to my life experience, the Pranzo Pop Up concept feels nostalgic and fills my heart with warm feelings based on precious memories.

Setting aside my personal experience, I highly recommend the Pranzo Pop Up experience. To be served a beautiful meal that has been expertly and lovingly prepared surrounded by a group of women you may or may not know for an uninterrupted mid-day meal is special no matter who you are.