Creating Custom Tissue with No Issue


Creating Custom Tissue Paper with "No Issue Tissue" is truly no issue. Their slogan is: "Wrapping great products in beautiful, eco-friendly tissue" and let me tell you, they deliver. In three easy steps from start to finish, you have a box of crisp custom tissue delivered to your doorstep.

Once you access the No Issue Website, follow the prompts to upload your design. Step two, customize your design by selecting the pattern and colors for your logo. Step three, finalize your order and your tissue will arrive securely wrapped and package to ensure your tissue arrives wrinkle-free. Design, sealed, delivered, it is so simple.

You have a choice between using one or two colors. No Issue tissue offers Pantone Color Matching to ensure your logo colors are perfectly represented in your tissue design. You can also choose the number of sheets you'd like in your order, varying from 250-10,000 sheets. These perks ensure your No Issue Tissue is 100% customized for your brand to suit your business needs.

For "The Nurture Blog", pink and gold were chosen to create the design allowing the white of the original paper to show through. A repeating pattern was chosen vs one large logo sphere on the center of the page. The gold metallic ink gives just an extra little touch of luxury in my opinion and really makes my logo pop.

An affordable, high-quality eco-friendly product, guaranteed with free shipping/free returns and worldwide delivery within 3 weeks of placing your order. What does the eco-friendly promise mean? For every order you place, trees are planted in areas of need. The ink used is soy-based making it more environmentally friendly than a petroleum-based FSC certified paper and easier to recycle.

For all of you small shops out there, think of this product as a different way to advertise your products. Branding is such a hot topic right now. Imprinting a logo on the minds of current and would be customers is such a powerful thing. "Unwrapping" has become a big trend for a reason. There is great pleasure in receiving something beautifully wrapped and enjoying the anticipation of unwrapping a gift or even something you've purchased for yourself.

Not only does "No Issue Tissue" provide a great product, but they also produce a fantastic weekly email blast filled with branding trends and highlighting new and up and coming brands that you will love. Great job "No Issue Tissue", I am obsessed with my custom tissue!!!