A case of the "Warm and Fuzzies"

Everyone enjoys coming across an image or a moment in the day that gives you a case of the "warm and fuzzies." Regardless of what your happiness trigger might be, possibly a cute puppy or an adorable baby, or the gift of a steaming latte, everyone treasures the warm fuzzy feelings that come when you enjoy something that makes you feel happy. 

While I am a huge proponent of the theory that "Happiness is a choice, not a feeling." when it comes to sticking to one's commitments, I really enjoy when those "warm and fuzzy" feelings well up in my heart.

With the "warm and fuzzies" in mind, let me introduce you to two local ladies who have created companies that create products that promote those feel-good emotions.


Tenth Avenue Designs is owned and operated by Nikki who is a mother of four-year-old boy/girl twins as well as a third bonus baby girl. Nikki has always loved funny baby onesies and thought it would be fun to create them for people to enjoy all over the country, her business was born. In my opinion, Nikki witty with a side of sass and I appreciate that she does not take herself too seriously. While I am not in the market for baby onesies at the moment, I follow her feed because I can't wait to read the next onesie caption. Nikki can also make custom t-shirts in children or adult sizes as she has done for me. So if you want to order a personalized shirt with a saying that fits your sense of humor, reach out.


All kids love capes is a proven fact. Kinder Capes is owned and operated by Sallie who lives in Escondido, California. She is a married mother of three grown children and now has three grandchildren all of whom she enjoys immensely.


In 2010, during a family outing to Liberty Station, Sallie witnessed one of her daughter's friend's sons named Aiden dressed in a superhero cape and goggles having the time of his life. This particular boy's fifth birthday was approaching. Aiden's mom decided on a superhero theme for her son's party. Sallie made 25 personalized capes for that birthday party, and a business was born. Since 2010 Sallie's brightly colored capes have nurtured the imagination of thousands of children including mine.