Boudoir is any age

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Boudoir photography is beautiful at any age. A boudoir (also called glamour) photography session is as much about enjoying the process as it is about the final images.

I would venture to say that when most women think about boudoir images, they think of them as a gift for a special someone. I challenge women to think of boudoir images as a gift to yourself.

As a woman, so much of our time, effort and energy is focused outward. It may be career or children or a husband or your precious household pets who need you to be at your best because they rely on you to care for them. So, as women, hopefully, most of us understand that it is our responsibility to care for ourselves to that, we can feel well rested, healthy and fulfilled which in turn allows us the energy to take care of those around us.

When we think of self-care, exercise comes to mind as well as a short list that may include healthy eating, an adequate amount of sleep, time with our friends, a spa treatment and maybe a glass of something special at the end of an, especially hard day. I would bet that a boudoir photography session would not make the short list but it absolutely should.

A boudoir photography session with Shannon Henry, owner of Studio Carre Photographie includes a full day of pampering and confidence building with the bonus being that you will have a set of beautiful images to cherish after the session.

The process starts with a pre-consultation. Depending on the client's comfort level this can take place over the phone or in person. Shannon prepares each client for a session with a discussion regarding the desired style of the shoot, what to wear, the hair and make-up process and the location.

We all feel at home in our homes and Shannon is an expert at creating beautiful vignettes within your space. She may use a curtain, or a light fixture or a fireplace, or a well-lit window as a backdrop for your photos but she has an artistic eye for what will look best in a final image. There is also an option to choose a hotel or outdoor location. As a picture is worth a thousand words, every prospective client should visit Shannon's website before scheduling their session.

No matter your age, or body type a boudoir photography session with Shannon is guaranteed to make you look and feel your best. One reason she has built such a large boudoir photography clientele is that she has such a strength for making her clients feel at ease, and she has a skill for coaching her clients through each session. She gives clear, easy to follow directions regarding each pose to ensure her clients look their best.
Shannon Henry not only specializes in boudoir photography, but she also specializes in engagement, wedding, and family photography and is based right here in San Diego County.