Jojo's Creamery, Yummy for you, Yummy for me!

Jami and Emily, a mother-daughter team, started with a dream. They added their love for ice cream, home baked chocolate chip cookies, and their passion for quality ingredients, family and community to create a place we can all enjoy they call Jojo's Creamery. Located in The Lumberyard Shopping Center in beachy Encinitas and Open Tuesday through Sunday, Jojo's has become a favorite treat for my girls and me.

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I was dying to know where the name "Jojo's" came from so I asked, and I was pleasantly surprised by the answer. It turns out the creamery's name sake is a combination of middle names.  If you add Jami-Jo to Emily-Jo then consider the fact that the creamery belongs to both of them, then the natural result is, of course, JoJo's.

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Emily-Jo grew up with four brothers and was fortunate enough to have a mother that was a wiz in the kitchen. Jami-Jo created home made meals every night using simple, wholesome ingredients and, she never, ever bought a Birthday Cake. Emily-Jo has treasured memories of a home that always smelled of baking, especially around holidays. 

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As Jami-Jos five children got older, there always seemed to be a demand for a batch of freshly baked cookies.  To keep up with school parties, bake sales, fundraisers and sports events, Jami-Jo started making chocolate chip cookie dough and freezing it so that her growing brood could bake a quick batch when they needed one to go. 

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Jojo's offers not only your choice of sweet treats but a quaint little spot for your family to spend some quality time together enjoying one of my favorite summer treats, ice cream with the bonus of a home made chocolate chip cookie on the side.

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Jojo's serves a selection of artisanal, home made ice cream made from organic dairy from the Straus Family Creamery. Jami-Jo and Emily-Jo were determined to stick to the basics when creating their recipes. Thier treats are without unnecessary ingredients that would mask the flavor of the delicious Straus family cream and the other pure ingredients used. Jojo's also offers at least two dairy free and egg free flavors as well as gluten-free chocolate chip cookies so that even those with sensitive tummies can take and enjoy all the sweet yummies.

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I am so impressed by their knowledgeable, friendly and welcoming employees who greet and serve every customer. I was able to observe as the staff demonstrated extreme patience with a very opinionated and slow to decide three-year-old customer who insisted on paying for her purchase using her make believe credit card. They even allowed her to observe the chocolate cookie scooping process as she ate most of her frozen treat and were not at all concerned by the fact the half of her cone melted onto her hands and fingers, they just smiled and offered more napkins. 

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Jojo's slogan accurately represents their mission statement. We look forward to making your day sweeter, one scoop at a time. If anyone asked my opinion, I would go so far as to add "We look forward to making your day sweeter and brighter one scoop and smile at a time."

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