"Who the F*CK is Ilene King?"

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Ilene King brand is a boutique design studio with big ideas driven by a love for creating high-quality, unique handbags and accessories.

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"Né" Laurie Ilene King, born with the need to create, to design, to express herself, would eventually manifest itself into a degree in interior design.  The clean lines of a unique structure are not so different than those of a unique bag. (see full Ilene King Brand Bio on her Website) Just a take a quick look at the Ilene King Brand website, and you will be hooked. It is so easy to become visually connected and addicted to her style which I find simple, contemporary, edgy, yet classic, so her pieces will always remain relevant. 

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I met Laurie at a customer appreciation event @sekaboutique hosted by the boutique's owner Alex Jovanic who another one of my favorite "girl bosses." At the time I already owned a pair of the Ilene King "Chandelier" earrings. 

Cedars Street LA Brand Collective Seka

Laurie and I sipped champagne shared back stories and swapped Instagram handles. It was then that we discovered we have a very similar wardrobe given that we are both loyal and frequent customers of Seka Boutique. We laughed about posting images on our feeds wearing identical outfits.

Kate Neve Ilene King San Elijo

Just like that both a friendship and strategic partnership were born. We both have short attention spans that crave inspiration and expression; therefore, we are constantly looking for ways to express our creative ideas. We have a perfect symbiotic relationship; Laurie supports the Nurture Blog, and I support Ilene King Brand.

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When planning my recent trip to Washington DC, I knew I wanted to create content that was edgy and urban. Laurie provided me with a beautiful "Sangria" Brixton Cross Body Clutch, and I asked to borrow her personalized t-shirt. She was surprised I wanted to use the shirt due to the edgy content printed in the front, but for me, the question on the front is what attracted me to the idea.

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I am certain, we all experience moments when we feel restricted to the labels/adjectives/descriptive titles we wear in life. Be they self-imposed or applied by others, or just a matter of fact; my labels include mother, friend, cheerleader, as well as responsible, organized, scheduled. I was headed to D.C. for a long awaited girls weekend away with Cindy Schiavetto, of Schiavetto photography. I was excited to explore the city and surrounding areas while spending quality time with one of my "besties."

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It is always so fun to step out of your "Normal," especially in fashion. As a mother of three with a corporate job I would not normally wear a t-shirt with the work "F*UCK" on it however in an urban setting, on a girl's trip, free from every single one of my day to day responsibilities, I chose to step out of my norm. It was so much fun to spend the day exploring and creating content for a brand I love while on vacation wearing a t-shirt that says "F*ck." I allowed myself to feel rebellious at heart even though I am always conventional when necessary so I guess you can say I've always been an Ilene King Babe at heart. Laurie's definition of an #ilenekingbabe includes the following; "She’s rebellious at heart, yet conventional when necessary."

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A big thank you to Laurie for allowing me the opportunity to represent her brand as an #ilenekingbabe. Laurie inspires me on so many levels. As a special human being, a creative, a strategic partner, I am lucky to have this gal in my tribe and am so excited to continue to walk beside her on this exciting journey called life.

Photo Credits: Schiavetto Photography & Studio Carre &  Kate Neve Bag and Accessories c/o Ilene King Brand