The Studio by Vanity

What do you get when you start with a dream,  a very driven hair designer and add a talented eco-conscious architect with a knack for site specific installations? The answer, The Studio by Vanity.

Kate Neve the Studio By Vanity FP Dress

With a background in the film industry and a Cosmetology, License Carrie Kargman has a vision fueled by the suggestion from her Dad and the desire to have a more stable career life. 

Kate Neve Carrie Kargman

Seven months pregnant with her son, Carrie decided to open her salon. The doors to opened four weeks after her son was born. Formerly known as Vanity Hair Studio, The Studio by Vanity made its business debut in 2006 in Solana Beach. Fast forward ten years and  Carrie's son is now ten, her eldest daughter a sophomore in high school and she maintains the same team of talented stylists.

Kate Neve Societe Flower Crown

About a year ago, Carrie decided it was time for a change in scenery. She decided to move her salon a few miles North to Leucadia, California. Having obtained the perfect space, a charming collection of bungalows, Carrie recruited another Girl Boss Timerie Gordon, of Neilsen Architects and Design Studio to turn her dream of a new space into the dreamy reality it has become.

Kate Neve The Studio by Vanity Cactus

Timerie Gordon, based in Santa Cruz, California and with projects for Urban Outfitters and, Inc and Barney's NYC under her belt, she is a creative boss. Timerie received training as an industrial designer; her specialty is creating functional art and site specific installations. She is very careful to consider the short and long term environmental impact when she approached each project, and she uses up cycled products as much as possible. Timerie loves repurposing found objects and common materials as a way of giving them new life. Knowing a bit about the artist behind the project helps explain why The Studio by Vanity is such a lovely and unique space. When you walk through the doors, instantly you are transported to a relaxed state of mind by the sounds, sights, and smells of this serene space. After having the experience of an afternoon with Carrie and her staff, I can vouch for their mission statement written on the homepage of their website.

Kate Neve the Studio by Vanity Beach

The Studio by vanity: a place to unwind, relax, and enjoy all the comforts of a serene getaway. All while being transformed into a new, more beautiful version of yourself.

Photography c/o Kate Neve Hair Stylist c/o Carrie Kargman Spray Tan c/o Hush Tanning Make Up c/o Lesli Hope