Where the palm trees meet the sand and the queens rule the desert.

It was Debbie Ballow who set off the chain reaction that led to this magical Palm Springs collaboration. I have trusted Debbie with my hair, my face and all my "secrets" for close to a decade now. I met her by chance when I was living in 4S Ranch, and my stylist canceled an appointment, and the front desk referred me to Debbie. Meeting Debbie was love at first sight situation in a platonic friendship sort of way. She is very skilled at what she does. My hair and makeup are always flawless when I leave her chair.

Nicole Miller Purple Studio Carre March 2017 PS

Fast forward to the beginning of this year. Debbie and I were chatting, and she mentioned her friend Shannon Henry who owns and operates the local photography studio, Studio Carre. Debbie thought that Shannon might want to collaborate on a destination shoot. A vision was born. 

Nicole Miller Purple Dress Lounging Studio Carre March 2017

As a team, Shannon, Debbie and I set out to find the perfect mid century modern desert oasis hide away that would serve as the back drop for our weekend editorial styled shoot.

Nicole Miller Purple Dress Standing Studio Carre March 2017

Regarding the wardrobe items, the inspiration came from the many of the local brands that gave me the desire to become a blogger in the first place. Names like Rebecca Norman, Nicole Miller, Gypsy Posh, Seam Reap, and Seka Boutique are some of my favorite local accessory and jewelry brand names.

Studio Carre Champagne Flutes

We had a fabulous weekend, talking, laughing, sipping champagne and creating images we are all very proud of. We hope you enjoy them too!