The Nomadic Photojournalist

Meet my adorable friend Kate Neve. Kate is responsible for shooting some of my favorite photos posted to this month's Instagram Feed. Kate has a unique perspective, and I so enjoyed our session last month.

Kate Graduated a couple of years ago from San Fransisco State with a degree in Photojournalism. After graduating, Kate embarked on a ten-month long road trip, and in that time she managed to visit all 48 lower states. In ten months of homesteading, camping, farming, and staying in communes Kate only spent two nights sleeping in her car, and she spent at least one night in every state she visited. 

Kate Neve TwoGuysGoodByes July Blog

The goals of this glorious trip included Kate's desire to know and understand the different corners of our beautiful country. She had a particular interest in visiting as many National Parks as she could manage. Kate, of course, wanted to capture photographs of the places she visited. This trip was also celebratory in nature as she had just finished earning her degree however she also wanted to use her adventure as a vehicle for deciding what was next for her. 

It was actually before graduation that she doubted her career choice, but by the time she turned down a post-graduation job at NPR, she was sure she did not want to spend her working life photographing the misery and suffering around the globe.

Kate Neve Flower Crown July 2017

So during Kate's ten-month nomadic journey, she did quite a bit of soul searching. When the ten months of traveling came to an end, Kate came away with three very provoking lessons learned.

1. Being a Nomad has its perks. People often think of a Nomadic life as a negative. Being unsettled without a traditional home or job can be wonderful under the right circumstances.
2. We live in a big world, and even within our own country, there are so many points of view, beliefs and value systems held by those who live here. Our diversity should be used to unite not divide.
3. We live in a vast country with so many desirable places to settle. There is not a bad state in the union. America is beautiful, and we are all blessed to live within its borders.

When her road trip came to a close, Kate returned to San Diego to visit family, and she decided to stay a while. She made the decision to use her degree in photojournalism and set out to apply some of the skills she learned to her photography. She knows how to be a "fly on the wall, " she understands how to tell a story, and she is very capable of capturing real moments in life.

Kate Neve TwoGuysGoodByes 2 July Blog Post

Since arriving back in San Diego, Kate has worked with a variety of local companies: The Nurture Blog, Stranded on Land, Two Guys Good Byes, Surfhouse Adventures, Flor de Olas Swim. These partnerships have allowed Kate to discover her passion. She has started a business in Engagement and Elopement Photography. She is excited to merge all of her portraiture, lifestyle and photojournalistic skills and use them to travel the world capturing the happy moments that surround engagements and elopement. 

Kate and Gaby Stranded on Land

So find Kate on her through her website and follow her on Instagram. 
She is happy to share her many adventures. When you follow Kate, you get a peak into the world as she sees it and you will be inspired.

Kate Neve Stranded on land