Red, White and You

As we celebrate our Nation's Birthday, this month's Nurture Blog theme is "Red, White, and You." 

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While spending time engaging with my followers on Instagram this week, I smiled when I came across the image of an American flag. I found this photo posted on one of my follower's account. Chris from posted the picture of the American Flag on May 29th with a simple caption that read "We Remember."

My smile was replaced with a laugh when I realized that his Instagram feed though unintentionally is already set up to be current in July with his American Flag Post from May. I laugh because as a blogger, I work so hard to create and post content that is engaging and current. I post frequently and with intention so that my following with grow with the hopes that I will be able to do what I love full time one day. And here is Chris with his one post from May who without any effort, no hashtags and a two-word caption, remains relevant, current and engaging a month later.

Stacy Bostrom Eden Roses

As I laughed at myself, a beautiful thought came to me. God Bless America as we remember what we have lost (Memorial Day) and as we celebrate what we have gained (Independence Day)

I am so grateful for the privilege of my freedom. I am thankful for the freedom to make choices. I enjoy my freedom and understand it is only by chance that I am an American as I could have just as easily been born anywhere else in the world.

Stacy Bostrom Eden and Mommy Roses

It is important to remember the sacrifices made by those from generations past as well as those currently serving to protect our country and our freedom. Americans can be anything they want to be because we live in a country where the few have sacrificed for the many. To all those who have served to protect our country as well as those currently serving, from the bottom of my heart, Thank You.

Stacy Bostrom Mommy and Eden Roses

Eden Top/Skirt c/o Janie and Jack //Mommy Lace Dress c/o Nicole Miller //Hair & Make-Up by Debbie Ballow