June Gloom


Here in Coastal neighborhoods of San Diego County we experience an entire month of gloom. Sometimes this phenomenon starts in May leading to another common colloquialism "May Grey, " and some years, the clouds stick around until early July or "No Sky July."

What is "June Gloom"?

"June Gloom" is a thick cloud cover or marine layer that covers the sky every morning usually clearing in the afternoon to give us few hours of sunshine before the sun sets. The cloudy overcast skies are often accompanied by cooler temperatures, fog and even drizzle.

What Causes "June Gloom"?

"June Gloom" is due to the still cold water temperatures mix with the warming spring and summer time, land temperatures. The combination of hot and cold mixed with the damp ocean air during the spring and summer seasons in this area of the country.

"June Gloom" vs. "My Gloom."

I find that my mood in June offer reflects the sky. I suffer from a mild case of the "winter blues" every spring until "June Gloom" ends. I find that I tend to see a dip in my daily productivity and in my drive to accomplish my everyday tasks, I feel more tired and hungry and crave more sleep.

My secret to managing this yearly short bout of "Season Depression" is two-fold.

First I make sure to get at least 30 minutes of sun every day. Each afternoon or early evening when the sun makes an appearance I make sure to go for a walk or squeeze in a few minutes of gardening while the kids play.

Secondly, I see this season as an opportunity to practice one of my favorite disciplines; choosing joy despite my circumstances.

As we know, in the ups and downs of life once we are an adult, most things in life do not go the way we plan, expect or hope. When things do not go our way, we have two choices.

1. Pout and feel sorry for ourselves.

2. Pick ourselves up, experience our disappointment or heartbreak then move forward and choose Joy. Choosing joy does not mean that you will "feel" happy, but it will allow you to live a more contented life.

I understand that we are all surrounded by heartbreak, sadness, brokenness, despair, and the loss of hope. My heart aches for my friends who are navigating divorce, cancer, parenting children with terminal illnesses, deaths of loved ones; the list goes on. But no matter how dire your circumstances are you always have a choice.

History overflows with stories of those suffering unimaginable challenges but at the same time choosing to find joy and hope rather than allowing themselves to be consumed by their brokenness. Choose joy in every circumstance, and you will be empowered to face whatever unwanted path you will ever find yourself journeying on.