Over the Moon at Pink Lagoon

The end of the school year always seems to throw me into "survival mode." With choir performances, school shows, dance recitals, school parties, teacher appreciation events and every other "special event," on my calendar for my children, during the last two weeks of school, my brain goes into overdrive just to keep up. I am very grateful and feel that every event is a celebration and a reminder of my many blessings but still, I feel exhausted.

At the same time, I find myself a little sad and reflective because all of my girls are all one year older and I am hit with a sense of my mortality because I too am a year older. Not that aging is my concern, but the thought of eventually "losing" my babies to adulthood and their growing independence is bittersweet.

Eden Presley Stacked Rings

Here is another example of where the discipline to nurture myself is important. My conscious effort towards self-care during this yearly time of additional stress, my intent towards feeding my body mind and soul is so important because it allows me to have the patience and energy to navigate the chaos.

In this case, my self-care came in the form of a visit to Pink Lagoon. Jenny Livits opened this chic boutique and its two locations in the Cedros design district and the village of La Jolla. Her vision centers on a desire to help each customer build a wardrobe that is balanced. She feels the goal is to own unique pieces that will remain relevant season after season.

Warm Large Plaid Dress and Royal Nomad turquoise and pink sapphire pendant.

Jenny believes "by blending high end with casual and mixing price points and brands; you can create a wardrobe suited to any lifestyle."

As you can see from the photos of my recent visit to Pink Lagoon, Jenny, and her team put her vision into practice with every client who comes through their doors.

Ulla Johnson Black Floral Dress, Rebecca Norman Silver Bangle, David Yurman Agate Ring.

Photographed by Patricia Vaz Photography, looks selected by lead stylist and buyer Sheiva Brunst.

Title Image: Ulla Johnson Black, Floral Dress c/o www.pinklagoon.com Post Image 1: Eden Presley Stacked Rings c/o www.pinklagoon.com Post Image 2: Warm Large Plaid Dress and Royal Nomad turquoise/pink sapphire pendant c/o www.pinklagoon.com Post Image 3: Ulla Johnson Black Floral Dress c/o www.pinklagoon.com Rebecca Norman Silver Bangle c/o https://rebeccanorman.com David Yurman Agate Ring www.davidyurman.com