Lily Jade, more than a diaper bag

A big "Thank You" to Stacy, one of my favorite mamas for taking these sweet photos of my mini and me with our new Lily Jade diaper bag.

stacy bostrom photography-1-2.jpg

Even though all three of my girls are past the diaper stage, they are still very much in the "Mommy, can you please put this in your purse?" phase. In addition to my wallet, phone, keys, make-up bag, my purse is a storage depot random kid treasures. On any given day you might find themed birthday party favors, a favorite beach pebble, a library book, or a four-inch screw someone found on the ground and decided they needed it for "fairy stuff."

 I'm so grateful for the opportunity to collaborate with Lily Jade. To be honest, until recently I was unfamiliar with the brand. After a quick look, browsing the website, I could not wait to own a bag.

If you choose to order a Lily Jade, I assure you that you will first be surprised by the number of style and color choices you will find on the website. I chose the Shaylee in Brandy & Gold. When your bag arrives at your doorstep, you will smile at how lovingly it was packed and shipped to you. The leather is thick and durable but soft and supple at the same time. The strap provided allows you so much versatility as you can carry the bag over one arm or on your shoulder or even as a backpack.

Each bag comes with an insertable bag organizer, that comes in 3 colors. So if you are a Mama with an infant, there is a spot to store each item on your neverending list of must-haves. The organizer keeps all of your supplies upright and easily accessible. This way whenever your little one demands a bottle or needs a diaper change, you can quickly grab what you need. It is easy to take inventory of what you have.

stacy bostrom photography-6.jpg

So no matter what your bag needs are, the Lily Jade diaper bag can rise to any occasion. I use mine to tote my belongings when I am out with the kids, like a briefcase for my work laptop, to the gym to carry my change of clothes, I've even used my bag as an overnight carry on for a quick weekend trip away. So get yours today.