The M&M World Tour

For any adult with a sweet tooth, a trip to a large candy store is a treat. If you happen to be three years old, a trip to M&M World in New York City is life changing.

file oct 30, 7 40 44 am.jpg

When thinking about our family vacation to New York City this past summer, there are just too many highlights to count, but for the kids, a visit to M&M World is right up there with the Empire State building Visit and the Broadway show "Wicked" on their list of memorable moments.

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Located in Time Square, in a three-story building, you cannot miss the oversized M&M decor on the outside of the building that beckons visitors from blocks away. As we walked and the giant M&M replicas appeared closer and closer, Eden's eyes were fixed onto our destination, and she was utterly speechless.

file oct 30, 7 40 32 am.jpg

As we entered the store, we saw M&Ms galore. There is a two-story wall of floor to ceiling tubes that house every M&M color and flavor in a self-serve area. We took the time to fill our bags and decided the caramel flavored candies are our family favorite. There are M&M dispensers that come in hundreds of shapes and sizes. Taking the escalator to the second floor, we saw M&M throw blankets, and boxer briefs and a seemingly endless section of t-shirts. Eden chose 2 of her favorites.

The color mood analyzer captured Eva's attention. Apparently, she was in an Electric Green Mood. Eva could not be happier to read "your style will never go out of style" of of the screen.

file oct 30, 7 40 13 am.jpg

On the third floor, we discovered the personalized printer which allows guest to create customized M&Ms right in the store. There are quite a few choices regarding text and New York City Images that can be selected to create your very own batch of customized candy. 


We had a wonderful time exploring M&M World. Other locations include Las Vegas and Shanghai. It was a perfect activity for the kids. It is one of those places where one visit is probably enough, but my kids might disagree.